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what is humans for love?

The truth is, I don't know really know what this is or will be. I have this general idea that humans for love is a community for the spiritual but not religious, and especially for those who came up through the Christian church but left at some point along the way, like me. I say that because the teachings of Jesus are incredibly useful when viewed through a different lens, and the guy gets a bad rap because his story has been so misinterpreted and misused in time. So I suspect that will be one facet of this endeavor, to take Jesus off the cross and see him as a teacher in a new light.

The rough premise of humans for love goes something like this:

  1. that there exists an underlying force of all that is, a higher power, if you will, that is far greater than the capacity of the human mind to comprehend it;

  2. that regardless of what you call it -- God, Love, Source, Good, the One, the Way, the Light -- this underlying force or nature is all good. It is love, strength, wisdom, peace, happiness, and joy, unblemished by ideas of darkness; and,

  3. that nothing real exists apart from this utter Goodness, this Giant Love.

So to summarize: God is.* God is Love. And we are That.

The purpose then, of humans for love, might be to help each other:

  1. remember the eternal Truth about ourselves, that we are not individual bodies floating on a rock through space, but are instead formless and eternal Love;

  2. recognize and let go of our fears and guilt, our belief in anything that is not Good, by learning how the mind works to sabotage our own happiness; and,

  3. come to know our selves as loved and as Love, while choosing to see the same in every one we meet.

To summarize: We can and will uncover the eternal Love that dwells within us all. We can and will allow the Truth to be True, instead of holding tight to our habits of self-sabotage and suffering. We will loosen our grip on this world, and prepare for the end of the body in a meaningful way.** We will do the work of "salvation" while we're still alive instead of waiting until we're dead.

I feel like that list needs a little work, but you get the gist.

So how will we do this?

Right now I don't actually know. I have this idea for in-person gatherings in a communal space - like church but without the church and the dogma - and this vision for healing*** through various modalities (music, dance, mediation, spiritual speakers/leaders et al), but all of that feels a little premature. So I suppose until then there will be a meetup and social media and maybe a bi-weekly publication? Ideas are welcome.

If this calls to you in some way, let me know. If you have questions, let me know. There's a contact form on the homepage, I think. If you read this far, thank you.


* hmmm, she used the word God. Are you comfortable with the word 'God'? I'm not sure if it's useful to use it or not. I understand the issue, the negative associations, and the resistance; it took me five years to be able to say the word out loud without flinching. We'll see how it goes.

**yep, we're talking about death. But the thing is, we never really die. So we could spend life figuring out what that means, and preparing for that moment, so we can meet it with a sense of purpose and grace -- and much less fear.

***you have an idea of who you are now, and then there's the idea of you as unconditional, eternal love. The space between those two ideas is the only thing that needs to be "healed," and the only way I ever mean it.

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